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$500M+ PE-Owned OEM Manufacturer Growth Strategy Session


The client was experiencing change in multiple areas following a PE takeover with high PE expectations for aggressive growth in the next 4-5 years:

  1. New C-Suite members installed by the PE firm, who did not have a deep understanding of organization and its strengths/weaknesses

  2. Multiple acquisition opportunities identified by PE firm as well as divestiture of non-performing assets

  3. Middle-management team inexperienced in M&A strategy or execution


I addressed the issues with the three-pronged approach below:

  1. Led C-Suite Growth Strategy Session to help client understand current US geographic footprint, gaps and potential inorganic and organic growth opportunities to broaden footprint;

  2. Developed an interactive dashboard to slice and dice $500M+ in sales to allow C-Suite Team to quickly determine the organization's go-forward strategy;

  3. Led M&A planning, blueprinting and synergy identification workshops for middle-management team to drive execution of acquisition and divestiture planning

Below are screenshots of the Excel model I developed to help drive the C-Suite growth strategy meeting to help some of the C-Suite understand the current geographical footprint and identify gaps and opportunities for growth (both organic and inorganic). The model is completely developed in Excel, and completely interactive - All checkboxes, buttons and scroll bars can be manipulated to see the results real-time on the US geographical map above, including the location of plants and distribution centers. Note: all names have been scrubbed to maintain client anonymity.


  1. New C-Suite team members were able to gain a deep understanding of organizational strengths and weaknesses and develop a go-forward growth strategy for the organization

  2. Middle-management team were able to gain an understanding of M&A processes and enable them to independently plan and execute M&A integration for future acquisitions



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